EP300_1350mm Burr height measuring system

Optimal quality control of your slitting processes for slitting samples with maximum length of 1350mm

The burr height measuring system EP300 offers quick and easy measuring of slitting samples with a maximum length of 1350mm.

There is an optimal quality control of your slitting processes by determination of  

  • burr height
  • edge drop and
  • cut edge quality

Easy handling (look at the following film)


  • prompt and easy measuring at the beginning of the slitting process
  • early control of quality standards by an immediately available measuring result and < 1µm accuracy
  • consideration of the slitting quality corresponding to a complete knife diameter of a circular knife with maximum diameter 420mm
  • generation of measuring reports and statistics as PDF-file or CSV-file


  • measuring table with 2 clamping devices
  • linear guide system with drive control
  • optical measuring head with illumination and camera
  • movable holder with PC

Graphic charts

  • burr profile at a measuring point
  • burr profile of the complete measuring length
  • 3-dimensional surface profile
  • edge drop profile
  • cut edge profile